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Looks just yummy!

Dawn Straka

Hi Chris, We see that you ate it! Did you take it to class? We are working on another...put a part of it in a stir fry and another piece with "Ralph's" sausage, tomato, basil and feta cheese. Your third photo looks great, delicious that is. Will email Mimi soon. Dawn

Found one larger than a soccer ball in back of the house after lots of rain in Rockville, MD on 10/27/05. Went on line and found the name giant puffball and researched to see if edible. IT IS. I thought it might be because some birds had been pecking it. Sauteed an onion in some butter, put in a few mushroom slices and chopped in some fresh basil we had in pots on the deck. When done, sprinkled some parmesan on one side and ran it under the broiler to brown. Used a little salt and pepper. Should have used a little garlic. The taste is very mild and the texture is not very firm (it has a lot of air in it). But what a fun surprise to find and eat something wild from the yard! Thanks. Not sure how to use the rest of it, there is soooo much. Bob from Rockville.


yo can you get puff ball mushrooms in england =]????


Yes, at least if you believe the photo on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_puffball

Freddy Berry

We always have puffballs growing on our land, yet I've never had the courage to try them, until tonight when my partner brought one in and asked me to Google it. (i didn't think google would cook it for me!) Any WHooo's, I came across your page and as I type this message, I can hear it being fried. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.
Thanks for your tips.

Kind Regards


Freddy Berry

I've just finished eating slices of Puffballs fried in Butter, with fried cherry tomatoes and Rondele garlic cheese spread across the top of the mushroom. It tasted great, especially because we had just brought it in and eat it within 20 mins. Ha!

Kind Regards

North Wales UK


Just found "my" giant puffball -- it grows each year in the cow field nearby, and I've managed to get to it three times before it gets trampled. Picked it even though it's only about the size of a softball because it might not have lasted another day. I hope it's edible this size? Last time I did it in slices, topped with lightly sauteed spring onions and cheese and baked. Very nice! I've also just cut it into bits and added it to pasta sauce, which was less inspiring.

There's a couple more locations around where I've found them in the past, so I'll go 'shrooming there tomorrow.

Northamptonshire, UK

Sue Hope

We have just had 3 Giant puffballs delivered. They are delicious fried in butter and garlic with bacon, but I am looking for more ways to use these lovely fungi.

Shaman Rawb

Just found one the size of a baseball. Sauteed it with garlic and onions. MmmMMM

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